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Revenue Protection (RP) and Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RPHPE) cover weather related causes of loss, certain other unavoidable perils and price fluctuations.  RP covers comprehensive protection through dollar guarantee.  They also provide prevented planting and replant protection.  Coverage levels are 50% - 85% in 5% increments.  RP and RPHPE are different in that RPHPE excludes the use of the harvest price in the determination of the revenue protection guarantee. 


  • Helps grower confidence to do pre-harvest crop sales
  • Provides stability for long-term business plans
  • Acts as a cash flow safety net
  • Lenders may view it as loan collateral
  • Aids in risk and financial management
  • Protects growers who need a specific amount of production to feed livestock
  • Loss payments can more closely track current market results
  • Rewards the more risk-conscious grower

Revenue Protection